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San Francisco, CA
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Sunset Parkside Education and Action Committee


Address: 1329 7th Ave., San Francisco CA 94122-2507

• Phone: 979-4816

• Founding Date: 1969
• Geographical Boundaries: North:  Lincoln Way West:  Pacific Ocean South:  Sloat Blvd East:  Stanyan St., Clarendon Ave., Laguna Honda Blvd., Dewey Blvd., Claremont Blvd., and Portola  Drive

•   Purpose: To serve and educate residents about matters of mutual concern in government and in the community and improve the quality of life in the area and citywide.

• Officers:

Marc Duffett, President
Gladys Chaw, VP
Mary Anne Miller, Secretary

• Board of Directors Regular Monthly Meeting: 3rd Monday each month 6:00pm Christ    Lutheran Church. Open to all members

• General Membership Meeting: May each year and October in electin years as well as special    meetings scheduled by the Board of Directors.

• Membership Information: Any interested person.

• Dues: Individual: $12.00/year, Limited income: $6.00 /year, Family (2 votes): $15/year    Business: $12/year, Active Member:  50% reduction for 8 hours/year volunteering

• How to apply: Contact the Treasurer for application.


Last updated: Oct 2008