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CSFN Membership Application Process

The CSFN is open to any mult-issue neighborhood organization with 35 or more members having as its primary purpose the improvement of its entire neighborhood. The CSFN executive committee will review the application and maintains the right to view the applicant's membership list.
Application to the CSFN consists of the following steps:

  1. An organization seeking membership in the CSFN shall apply on the prescribed form. The application shall include such membership documents as may be required by the Executive Committee as well as the annual dues then current.
  2. The Executive Committee shall review the application, request any other or further information as may be necessary, and shall make a recommendation at the monthly meeting next following.
  3. A majority vote of the members present shall be required for acceptance. The membership shall have the right to reject any application.
  4. An applicant shall be notified of the acceptance or rejection of its application. For more information regarding membership, please review the CSFN bylaws.
To initiate the application process and request a formal application, please complete the form below.

CSFN Membership Applications

New and renewing memberships: please print and complete Membership Application Form and mail to the address below along with a check for $45.00 (annual dues). The executive committee reviews new membership applications and will contact you for additional information if necessary.

Please mail items to:
P.O. Box 320098
San Francisco, CA 94132