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August Agenda Highlights
The following 3 November ballot measures and 2 resolutions will be discussed. Please consult with your organizations and come to the meeting prepared to cast a vote. Refer to the email sent on August 17.
  1. Prop B - Adjusting Transportation Funding for Population Growth - oppose
  2. Prop C - Children's Fund; Public Education and Enrichment Fund; Children and Families Council; Rainy Day Reserve - oppose
  3. Prop E - Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverages - No endorsement
  4. Resolution about the Embarcadero to maintain its vibrant labor history and preserve and maintain the four trees on Steuart Street. <resolution>
  5. Resolution to oppose Planning Code Article 2. <resolution>

December 2013 Party Photos
What We're About... The Historic Beginning of our Organization...

The Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods grew out of concerned neighborhood organizations whose proposals to the Planning Department for amendments to the height and bulk limits were rejected. The San Francisco Foundation gave a small grant to get the Coalition on its way, with SPEAK serving as fiscal agent, and a part time secretary was hired to set up meetings, produce a Newsletter and to recruit neighborhood organizations.

PAR - the Planning Association for the Richmond president, Martin McIntyre convened the first meeting on September 11, 1972, with 47 representatives of neighborhoods present, covering most of San Francisco neighborhoods.

    The Coalition was incorporated in 1991 as a 501(c)4 non profit civic organization with a Board of Directors made up of representatives of member organizations. It has held candidates and issues forums to educate the members and the public. It has, through member participation and lobbying, supported its members on issues affecting the broad community and continues to watch various City departments to insure fair treatment of all city residents.

History of CSFN
Monthly Meetings
Northern Police Station
Turk & Fillmore Streets
(Parking in rear off Turk) Public Transit: Muni #22 Fillmore, 31 Balboa &
38 Geary Lines

3rd Tuesday of each month except Dec at 7 pm

Dec 16 Annual Dinner


Executive Committee (ExCom)
George Wooding
Mother_ed (at)

Judith Berkowitz
sfjberk (at)

Claire Zvanski (EDIA)

Land Use & Housing
Hiroshi Fukuda
ninersam (at)

Government & Elections
Charles Head (SHARP)
Charlesnhead (at)

Open Space
Nancy Wuerfel
nancenumber1 (at)

R. Albright

Water Task Force
Joan Girardot (MCI & POA)

Mari Eliza (EMIA)

Media Relations
Eileen Boken (SPEAK)